Doors & windows

Commercial Doors Repairs

London Lock & Door are specialists in all types of door repairs and maintenance. We have many commercial building and facilities company clients that use our expert services to repair and maintain all types of entrance, fire exits and fire doors. Because of the high usage of these doors the most common problems we get called out to repair are:

  • Doors Slamming Closed
  • Leaking Oil From Closer
  • Door Staying Open
  • Not Closing Fully
  • Scraping On Floor
  • Loose Locks & Parts

Each of these issues is usually caused by the high usage, wear & tear, or sometimes even failed parts. Most of these problems can be prevented with regular service and maintenance .We recommend commercial doors and door hardware serviced and maintained at least every 6 months. If you are interested in using our services for any type of fire door, entrance or fire exit door maintenance give us a call to discuss. We can offer expert advice and put together a tailor made maintenance contract and full site audit if required.

Our company abide to strict H&S procedures on all commercial sites. All engineers have passed specific CSCS and H&S courses including asbestos awareness. All PPE and safety equipment is used by engineers while working on any building or commercial premises. We are fully insured with public liability insurance.

Commercial Doors Repairs Services

  • Shopfront Door repairs
  • Glass, Aluminium, Upvc, Timber Doors
  • Commercial Door Locks
  • Electric Locks
  • Door Closers
  • Floor Springs
  • Transom Door Closers
  • Fire Exits
  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Door Hardware
  • Intumiscent strips
  • Carpentry Service
  • Emergency Boarding 24/7
  • Free Quotes/Estimates

Domestic Door Repairs & Replacements

London Lock & Door can repair or replace any type of domestic house front entrance, garden or balcony door. We also service and maintain the most common Upvc windows and can replace any type of single pane glass or DGU. Most common issues we get called out to repair are:

  • Upvc door handle not lifting fully
  • Door not locking
  • Door dropped
  • Door hinge adjustments
  • Failed upvc door lock mechanism
  • Upvc window hinge repair/replacement
  • Draft proofing
  • Replacing misted-up Upvc glass unit

Give us a call if you require help with any door or window problems. We have over 20 years experience in this field and will always find a solution at the most competitive cost.

Domestic Door Repairs & Replacements Services

  • Upvc/ Composite Doors
  • Timber Doors
  • Sliding/Bifold Doors
  • Hinge Adjustments
  • Extra Security
  • Carpentry Service
  • Locks Fitted
  • Upvc & Timber Windows
  • Hinges Repaired/Fitted
  • Window Locks Fitted
  • Glass Replaced
  • Misted DGU Units Replaced
  • Draft Proofing
  • Emergency Boarding 24/7